We're Helping Ignite the Youth for Christ

Learn about our Christian youth group in Charleston, TN

Looking to get your kids involved in church? They're sure to love the religious youth group at Lighthouse Church International in Charleston, TN. Designed for kids of all ages, our Christian youth group teaches the truth about God through fun activities, including skits and mission trips.

We also offer Bible studies that cover topics relevant to elementary, middle and high school students. Send your child to youth group this week so they can get connected.

Training children to become spiritual leaders

Training children to become spiritual leaders

Our Christian youth group focuses on two key topics: apologetics and evangelism.

Apologetics involves...

  • Defending the authority of God's word against doubt
  • Using the gospel and scripture to answer skeptical questions
  • Applying various reasoning methods to form a strong argument for faith
Evangelism involves preaching the gospel. Contact us today to learn more about the spiritual training your kids will receive at our religious youth group in Charleston, TN.